UN High Level Meetings on UHC and PPR
Globally, we are off track to achieve the health targets by 2030. Corruption contributes to millions being unable to access life-saving and health-enhancing interventions. It exacerbates rates of out-of-pocket spending on health which contributes to increased rates of poverty. Corruption costs people their lives and can have irreparable effects on public trust in public health institutions.

The UN General Assembly will convene three High-Level Meetings on the topics of pandemic preparedness and response (PPR), universal health coverage (UHC) and on ending tuberculosis during its 78th session (UNGA 78) in New York in September 2023. These present a historic opportunity for world leaders to place health back on the high-level political agenda.
Start/End Date
Headquarters of the United Nations, New York, USA
Event Type
Health Area
Health Emergencies
Health Systems
Primary Health Care (PHC)
Tuberculosis (TB)

For those unable to attend in person, it is possible to tune in through the UNWebTV. 
You can find the agenda and more details here